806 North Albert Street,
St.Paul, Minnesota 55104


Housing Support

The Housing Support program formerly known as Group Residential Housing at Juel Fairbanks provides 20 beds for adults who suffer with substance use disorders. Residents apply for financial assistance through their home county and typically receive general assistance and medical assistance.

Our program includes Case Management services in which clients can set goals and receive assistance toward reaching their goals. The focus typically comprises gaining permanent housing, education, and employment. Wellness is also encouraged, and clients receive support in setting and keeping medical, dental and psychological care appointments.

As they recover and look for a job and permanent housing, residents can stay 30 days up to two years. The typical stay lasts approximately six months — the amount of time it takes to locate and secure permanent housing.

Participants are expected to attend individual one on one sessions with their case manager. Participants are also expected to participate in specific group sessions and four NA/AA meetings a week.

The 20-bed facility operates under the guidance of a case manager, licensed alcohol and drug counselors, licensed practical nurse, and a registered nurse Consultant. All technicians are First Aid/CPR trained and Medication Certified. Also, a certified food manager ensures healthy, nourishing meals for residents while they recover in a positive group environment.