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Leadership at Juel Fairbanks

Board of Directors

Juel Fairbanks is a private 501(c)3 nonprofit chemical dependency service agency, operated under the direction of the Executive Director and the board, which is made up of community members. Board and committee meetings are held every other month.


Our team includes care giving and administrative staff members who provide chemical dependency counseling and residential care as well as outpatient services and advocacy.

Janice Lindstrom

Executive Director
(651) 282-0460 lindstromj@juelfairbanks.org

Michelle Kellum, LADC

Treatment Director
(651) 282-0461 kellumm@juelfairbanks.org

Emma Rainey

(651) 282-0462 raineye@juelfairbanks.org

Don Adams, LADC

Residential Counselor
(651) 282-0467 adamsd@juelfairbanks.org

Charles Geshick

Certified Food Manager
(651) 282-0469 geshickc@juelfairbanks.org

Stanley Morris

Assistant Cook
(651) 282-0469 morriss@juelfairbanks.org

Denise Schmidt

Residential Counselor
(651) 282-0468 schmidtd@juelfairbanks.org

Craig Broyles, BA, LADC

Admissions Coordinator
(651) 282-0472 broylesc@juelfairbanks.org

Geraldine Carlton, LADC

Outpatient Counselor
(651) 282-0465 carltong@juelfairbanks.org

Betty Bissonette, LADC

Cultural Coordinator/GRH Case Manager
(651) 282-0467 bissonetteb@juelfairbanks.org

Richard Carlson

Facilities Coordinator
(612) 306-6636 carlsonr@juelfairbanks.org

Cynthia J. Nordby, RN, MS, L.Ac

(651) 282-0469 nordbyc@juelfairbanks.org

Elizabeth Barlow, RN


(651) 282-0469 barlowe@juelfairbanks.org

Danielle Hatella, LPN


(651) 282-0463 hatellad@juelfairbanks.org

Dr. Robert Wilson

Consulting Psychologist

(651) 282-0469 wilsonr@juelfairbanks.org


Chemical Dependency Technicians

Weekdays 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.: (651) 644-6204; After hours & weekends: (651) 282-0469

James Harris

Charles Jackson

Dustin Saeb

Denver Smith

Steven Renville

Willie Taylor

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Thank you to our partners, donors, and volunteers.